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Reebok has always been my favorite active line. 90% of all my “gym clothes” are Reebok. Their leggings don’t fall, they don’t loose their shape and they keep you dry!  As someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis, its important for me to have proper shoes especially with the hard training that I do. I  have training shoes for every type of workout I especially when I’m lifting or squatting heavy, Reebok’s provide me with the best support for my knees and back.  I also love the vision and mission behind this company and the the fact that they believe so strongly in empowering women, and this is why I am so honored to be part of  Reebok Affiliate Program! Click on links below to browse and shop all things Reebok!



Yoga Democracy

I just LOVE these leggings,  they are super  funky and the patterns just make me happy, This company is 100 % eco friendly and all manufactured in the USA (in Arizona actually). They do not outsource to low income countries . They proudly make all their clothing in house, paying their staff fair wages and charging fair prices for their clothing line.

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