Sweat at Home with Denise-Resistance band {Glute} Workout

While offering a variety on intensity resistance bands can give you a full body workout, plus strength training without using any weights.


For under $20.00 you can pick up a set of  Go Fit Bands at Spartan Fitness Equipment that comes with a variety of different levels of resistance.

30 Minute Band Workout- Targeting your glutes and legs!

Complete each exercise, 15-20 reps for 3 Rounds.  Placement of the bands will create a different level of resistance.

  • Squats (band above knee)
  • Side squat walks (band above knee)
  • Wide leg 1/2 burpee (band above knee)
  • Resisted Jacks (band at ankle)
  • Side leg lifts (band at ankle)
  • Rear Leg kicks ( band at ankle)
  • Pulsing squats (band above knee)
  • Wide Leg Lifts (band at ankle)
  • Resisted alternating bicycle kicks ( band at ankle)



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